Because a managing tool shouldn’t be necessarily complex, every one of your co-workers will feel comfortable using FestiCiné’s interface, even volunteers!

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But a festival is a complex organization, and depending on your responsibilities, you will have access to an extremely powerful, large and complete tool.



that encourages market meetings,
used by the greatest festivals.

Our revolutionary tool – From film projects submissions, works in progress…, to the creation of one-to-one meetings – is the most accomplished on the market. Tried and tested by the greatest events.
Its famous “register” - where participants can get their credentials and find detailed information on their stay, their schedule, the projects, films, other participants and all of the information you’ll think useful for them – is also a reference because of its togetherness and simplicity.
Finally, our brand-new matchmaking tool between participants, a true appointment-scheduling platform (in real life or online), will make your event incredibly more smooth and efficient. In real life, in virtual or hybrid.

FestiCiné, more than



Call for entry, selection, talents, programmation, copy trafficking…


Pass, tickets, reservation, online sales, onsite sales, e-tickets, controls, statistics…


Project call for entry, work in progress, selection, one-to-one organization, participants meeting tools…


Registration, payment, schedule,
accommodation, transportation…

Collaborative tools

Companies, contacts, advanced search, historic of conversations, shared to-do lists, organigram…

And more…

Website CMS, accounting, invoicing, volunteer administration…


on your desktop,
or everywhere you go

FestiCiné is the only tool that is 100% responsive. It means that if you have access to the Internet, you will have access to all of the festival’s information. No need for an app, you can log on from any device…

Smaller festival, smaller version.
Bigger festival, bigger version.
In between? We can adapt.

Some events just need a good database, a programme tool, and eventually to publish all of that on a website.
Others deal with hundreds of participants, that they have to house, transport, invite to events…
FestiCiné can adapt to your needs and your budget with a starting option at 3000€.
Consult us to know all our offers.

Unlimited users
Past edition data
Contacts and companies
Call for films entry
Films & contents
Films handling and trafficking
Accreditations statistics module
Creation and management
of your accredited badges
Personnel space
for your accredited population
Events pack
Creation and management of your events, invitations, presents, RSVP
Volunteers management
Synchronization with
your newsletter system
Half a day training
10h clients support
Starting at €3,000 excl. tax / edition
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A box office

created entirely
for film festivals

Because everything interlocks on FestiCiné, your selection can appear on your website without doing anything more, and your attendees can buy tickets and bundles or book a screening...
With the help of a very simple equipment, you can print cards (passes and accreditations) with bar codes, scan them, as well as tickets or digital tickets, control, and observe stats live.

For professional participants, accreditations can be set entirely according to your personal requirements. You can add as many options as you want (Extra night, lunch attendance, you can even ask if they have a special diet!).

You get bank payments directly on your bank account or on Paypal and generate financial records.

Oh, and one more thing: we do not take any commission on ticket sales. Our rates only adapt to the size of your event. Simply put, we are among the cheapest on the market.

FestiCiné a passionate team.

The founders: Guillaume Calop, Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin and Jérémy Zelnik,
also co-founders of Les Arcs Film Festival.
FestiCiné was born from their experience.
By the way, if you’d like to know more on FestiCiné’s history, we tell you all about it.

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« What's the point of lifting mountains when it's easier to climb over them ? » 
Boris Vian

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& creator of FestiCiné

“if you want life to put
a smile on your face,
bring it your happiness first”

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Antoine HERVÉ

Support and
customers relationships

“Drinking coffee prevents
from sleeping.
On the other hand, sleeping
prevents from drinking coffee”
Philippe Geluck

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Sodara NHEK

Full stack

“Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work
a day in your life”

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COVID friendly : YES
Eco-friendly : YES

Digital box office, contactless, limited and mandatory booking, film info exports directly on Festival Scope Shift 72, Zoom meetings and events… If your event is either happening in real life but under lots of rules and controls, in a hybrid format, or fully online, FestiCiné will support you and offer various solutions, even at the last minute.

Save paper and plastic with the electronic ticketing, save time and electronic traffic by sharing all the data of your team on one platform. Optimise the transportation of your guests. Optimise teleworking.

Made in France

A tool with European standards

FestiCiné has been conceived and developed in France,
our team is located in France,
sensitive data are hosted in France,
some data less sensitive are hosted on European servers for our European customers
and in the US for our American customers.

It’s not to be chauvinistic; it’s just to say we don’t exploit people from the other side of the world that we would have never met in real life ;)
And also to say that your data are secured and in good hands.

They trust us

And we keep working every day to continue our collaboration.

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what about
a little demo?

Our team is there for that. We can show you how it works and then let you try it for a few days, so you can confirm that it’s super cool, and we’ll discuss on the best version for your needs. Then you can decide.


Contact information: – 10 rue des Goncourt – 75011 Paris – © FestiCiné