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Data Privacy Policy

Our aim is to help you protect your data,

and this is why we do everything possible to protect your information. 


What we stand for
SAS Le Village commits itself to the protection of personal data and aims to be transparent about the use and means engaged to collect information.
Data importation

When opening your FestiCiné account, one of our team’s job is to import your databases (companies, contacts...) that you would have previously communicated to us.
This process will allow us to configure your account and optimize the management of your existing data on FestiCiné.
These data are your properties and remain so by being imported on FestiCiné. At no time do they become the property of FestiCiné.

Data exportation

In the event you would decide not to renew your subscription to FestiCiné, our team promises to return your data upon request. To do so, the legal representant of your organization must officially request by writing your data extraction within a month before the end of the contract biding your festival to FestiCiné.

Data processing

Data are collected and processed by the online software FestiCiné hosted on the web servers of the external company Planet-Work.

The data figuring within FestiCiné customer accounts are the sole and unique property of said customers. SAS Le Village could not possibly be considered the owner of said data, or be held responsible for the use that might be done of these information by its customers. SAS Le Village, in the capacity of FestiCiné administration company, is nevertheless in the requirement of reserving itself the right of accessing their customers' bases. The company however submits its team members to sign a non-disclosure agreement forbidding them to record or divulge personal data collected by their customers within their FestiCiné platform.

We equally ask our customers to respect the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) that came into effect on May 25th 2018 by adopting a fair and responsible use of the data the software will allow them to collect.

How Does FestiCiné Allow You to Collect Data?

Thanks to FestiCiné, we provide to our customer a service allowing to collect personal data in a number of ways:

  • through online accreditation forms filled-in by the applicants;
  • through subscriptions to newsletters;
  • through entries to a competition;
  • through submissions of a film projects, suggestions of events, or deliveries of professional services;
  • through partnership applications;
  • through ticket-purchase process;
  • through product-purchase process;
  • through applications to job opportunities or through information about the professional status of your team members;
  • through any exchanges made with the clients subscribers of FestiCiné.
Data Back-up

We guarantee a daily back-up of your data through our Planet-Work hosting company.

What About the GDPR?

In accordance with the "General Data Protection Regulation" that came into effect on May 25th 2018, we have at heart to provide a tool allowing your contacts to chose to which extent their information could be used.

All data collections made on FestiCiné are made with the assent of your interlocutors.

Further information

For any further question about FestiCiné's privacy policy, do not hesistate to contact us :

by email

 by phone

+33 (0)1 82 28 50 12

by mail

SAS Le Village – 10 rue des Goncourt
75011 Paris, France

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