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August 14, 2019

Save the memory of your event with FestiCiné

It is true that FestiCiné covers many needs regarding film festival and market industry management. But it does not only assist you in getting your next edition done, it also becomes the memory of your past ones.

Import the History of your festival into FestiCiné

When the decision comes for you and your team to subscribe to a new tool, or change from one tool to another, you rarely starts from scratch.
Your event is already rich with well groomed databases developed edition after edition.

FestiCiné aims at preserving your data when subscribed to.
The importation of your contacts and companies databases is included in the opening process of your platform. When your account is all set-up, it is ready to be used!

Access your archived past editions

When your subscription to FestiCiné is renewed, your past working seasons are saved and remain accessible at anytime.

You can navigate your past seasons by switching from one to another in order to access the information you need to, be it knowing who was accredited in your past year’s edition, what types of events were planned in your calendar, etc.

But FestiCiné also makes sure that relevant past information are easily available for you to check and access. 
For example, information about the films a company submitted to your festival in your past editions can be visualized directly from the company’s contact sheet.

Like that, at a single glance. 




From your Talent database, referencing the biography and artistic information of the cast members and technicians from your film data sheets, you can also easily visualize how many times a person is filled in as being part of a film’s cast or being linked to a project previously submitted to your festival.









The relations you weave with your contacts


Saving the memory of your festival also means allowing an easy and sleek internal follow-up process with your team members.

FestiCiné allows to leave messages attached to contacts and companies in your database, messages that may be read by your other team members.
Add any comments regarding the relations you weave within the frame of your editions.

Better yet, set reminders to yourself or to team members that will showcase on your, or their, dashboard.





Draw the best from the centralization of your data

But you know what’s best? Capitalizing on your past data.

FestiCiné Ticketing feature allows you to draw attendance percentages from badges and tickets scanning, all of this to help you better understand your audiences’ profiles, habits and expectations.

Ideal for the development hub team of your festival.

Save time for your team and your guests

FestiCiné’s registers are made to simplify your accreditation process by making available online personal spaces where your guests can manage their profile, communicate with your Guest team, access documentation and their planning, manage their data privacy, among many other possibilities.

Edition after edition, your guest will enrich or modify their information, but mostly these will be saved in your database for future requests for accreditations.

So much time saved!

FestiCiné being now plugged to Cinando, your guests will be able to log in thanks to the platform’s ID without creating new ones.

July 29, 2019

FestiCiné is now available in Spanish!

You were many to ask for this development. FestiCiné listened and made it :) You can now find your favorite tool in Spanish, from the management of guests to the films & contents feature!

To access the Spanish language, go to the dashboard and select "ES", you can now enjoy a full Spanish interface, simple, easy, efficient!

We want to thank a lot the Mecal Barcelona Team for providing us with this translation. We invite you to support them and to check their event that will occur in March/April 2020.

July 19, 2019

Manage your cars set-up and drivers’ schedules in only a few clicks

Send transportation requests, process them, validate them, export the resulting schedules, communicate with your drivers and guests… All in one place!


Did you know?

FestiCiné has a revolutionary Transportation feature that allows to manage your cars set-up and drivers’ schedules in only a few clicks.

What’s great is that the communication between your team members, including your drivers, is eased in many ways at all stages of your festival’s transportation management process!


First of all, create drivers' profiles and set-up cars' details in order to start working on your car fleet and drivers' scheduling. 

Then, create FestiCiné users’ profiles for your drivers so they may log into the platform to access their daily schedules! You can do so while restricting their access to the most essential information!
Having access to FestiCiné means easily accessing their ever up to date schedules (contrary to a PDF or a printed schedule) 

They can also synchronize their schedules with any connected devices, such as their smartphone!  


Secondly, let your team members responsible of guest management create transportation requests from a place to another of your festival for any of your accredited guest(s).

Enter the places of departure and arrival, the time of departure OR arrival, and FestiCiné will take care of calculating the missing information!


For the next step, FestiCiné and your transportation team will take care of turning these requests into journeys!

During the process of validation of requests, FestiCiné will showcase the ones that are registered on approximately the same hours and dates, and featuring the same leaving and departing places in order to gather these fragmented requests into a single journey! Pfew. Time saving!

It will optimize the use of your car fleet as well as your drivers’ schedules!



Of course, last minutes changes always happen! So be it! Make last minutes requests with FestiCiné and they will pop at the top of the requests to be processed and inserted in your daily transportation schedule.


Once a journey is validated, it will be showcased in your guests’ online schedule available on their online personal space! Which can also be synchronized on their personal agenda.


One more thing! You can also print personalized pick-up sheets to help your guests find the right car…



Remember that FestiCiné is an all-in-one tool allowing to cover all the needs related to your festival's guest management


Manage your accredited population with FestiCiné! from Festi Ciné on Vimeo.

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