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July 19, 2019

Manage your cars set-up and drivers’ schedules in only a few clicks

Send transportation requests, process them, validate them, export the resulting schedules, communicate with your drivers and guests… All in one place!


Did you know?

FestiCiné has a revolutionary Transportation feature that allows to manage your cars set-up and drivers’ schedules in only a few clicks.

What’s great is that the communication between your team members, including your drivers, is eased in many ways at all stages of your festival’s transportation management process!


First of all, create drivers' profiles and set-up cars' details in order to start working on your car fleet and drivers' scheduling. 

Then, create FestiCiné users’ profiles for your drivers so they may log into the platform to access their daily schedules! You can do so while restricting their access to the most essential information!
Having access to FestiCiné means easily accessing their ever up to date schedules (contrary to a PDF or a printed schedule) 

They can also synchronize their schedules with any connected devices, such as their smartphone!  


Secondly, let your team members responsible of guest management create transportation requests from a place to another of your festival for any of your accredited guest(s).

Enter the places of departure and arrival, the time of departure OR arrival, and FestiCiné will take care of calculating the missing information!


For the next step, FestiCiné and your transportation team will take care of turning these requests into journeys!

During the process of validation of requests, FestiCiné will showcase the ones that are registered on approximately the same hours and dates, and featuring the same leaving and departing places in order to gather these fragmented requests into a single journey! Pfew. Time saving!

It will optimize the use of your car fleet as well as your drivers’ schedules!



Of course, last minutes changes always happen! So be it! Make last minutes requests with FestiCiné and they will pop at the top of the requests to be processed and inserted in your daily transportation schedule.


Once a journey is validated, it will be showcased in your guests’ online schedule available on their online personal space! Which can also be synchronized on their personal agenda.


One more thing! You can also print personalized pick-up sheets to help your guests find the right car…



Remember that FestiCiné is an all-in-one tool allowing to cover all the needs related to your festival's guest management


Manage your accredited population with FestiCiné! from Festi Ciné on Vimeo.

June 18, 2019

Video focus on FestiCiné's Films and Contents features

FestiCiné is a platform thought and designed by professionals who have been working as film festival managers for years. Our team is proud to share with you another overview of the « Film submissions », « Films & Contents » and « Programmation » features of FestiCiné. From online film submissions to your selection process, from the elaboration of your programming grids to the communication of your programme contents with your audience, FestiCiné assists your team at every stage of your festival’s contents’ life!

You have 6 more minutes of your free time to kill?

Make yourself comfortable and watch a video overview of all FestiCiné’s features related to the films and contents' management of your festival!

Whether it is about programming playlists for your selection committee, working on your programme schedule for each of your screening venues, editing cue sheets for your technicians, those features won’t have any secrets for you anymore!

Edit, program and select in an intuitive and efficient way!

Book a demo of FestiCiné with our team in order to discover more about those features, but also about our other modules available! You will be surprised to learn what you can do with FestiCiné :)

April 26, 2019

Let Us Meet on the Croisette

FestiCiné at the Marché du Film in Cannes from May 14th to 17th.


FestiCiné will be attenting the Marché du Film under the Creative Media Stand umbrella located at the Marina Club from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us would you like to set up a meeting onsite!

Our team would be more than happy to share Cannes' frenzy with you, and discuss about festival related matters of course! 

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