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FestiCiné’s story started with 1 film festival, 3 devoted film festival founders, and a lot of cinema. After having used Excel, Google Sheets and Filemaker for several years, Guillaume, Jérémy and Pierre-Emmanuel decided to quit using these tools by choosing modern ones.

Their objective was to optimize their working time, to improve their technical skills, but also to ease their festival coordination thanks to an online management tool. Thus, they decided to look at - as well as try - what was already existing on the market. After some time of research, they did find some useful tools and thought that it was making a huge difference management-wise: being able to have all their data stored in one place, to share and spread information easily... A-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Even though these tools were great, 2 things were missing: the ease of use and the possibility to access these tools on all devices. This is when they decided to create their own management software, a software that would therefore be responsive and available on all devices, but also intuitive to use for all their employees.

This tool now exist. This tool is: FestiCiné.
But the fairy tale doesn’t stop here.

On winter 2016, Pierre-Emmanuel, Jérémy and Guillaume decided to deliver FestiCiné to other films festivals.
Leaving their baby in the hands of a completely dedicated team, they therefore became simple clients and users of FestiCiné, and other film festivals joined the adventure by starting to use the platform.

Firstly, Séries Mania, then Cannes Cinéfondation closely followed by the CNC and many other film festivals around the world.

Today, FestiCiné is counting more than 40 film festivals from around Europe and farther, more than 480 users, 23,000 accreditations created and 10,000 submitted movies.

And this is just a beginning.

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