Administration & Management features

Parameter Settings of Your Editions

Navigate from one edition to another by simply switching between them.

FestiCiné becomes the holder of your festival’s memory, edition after edition.

Manage your users

Every user of your FestiCiné account are assigned authorization’s access to the platform’s many features in order to access the information they need to work with. Decide what will be displayed for you colleagues in a few clicks, and modify it as soon as you deem it necessary.

A “To do list” to Interact with your colleagues

Thanks to the Reminders feature, you get to assign tasks to yourself, or to allocate them to your collaborators. You can follow-up the progress of the tasks carried out.

Tags setting

Assign personalized tags to your contacts, companies and films. You will then be able to find them thanks to FestiCiné’s powerful search engine. Create your own listings and export your datas: doing it was never that easy :)

Your FestiCiné’s Logbook

Your logbook will keep tracks of the loggings, creations, changes and deletions made within your FestiCiné.

Non exhaustive listing of features

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