Database features

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Centralize your contacts’ database

Import your contacts and societies’ address book and share it with your team.

Set your newsletters’ options.

A powerful search engine will allow you to find and sort your contacts, societies and guests in a few clicks thanks to the “tag system”. It is also possible to manually add contacts and societies at any time. Plus, FestiCiné’s address book storage capacity is unlimited!

About the talents database

Directors, producers, actors... all the information about your talents are centralized in FestiCiné.

Enter their biography, filmography, pictures... only once to then use them edition after edition.

All the data are exportable and ready to be used for your print catalogue.

Advanced search settings

The search engine will allow you to create personalized lists of contacts.

You can also sort them by tags or country before exporting them in .csv or .xls

Non exhaustive listing of features

Your data are protected

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