FestiCiné’s Features

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Database features
FestiCiné becomes your professional address book, always updated and free of obsolete contacts information!
Guest Management features
Create your accreditations and apply each accrediation's type their fee and preferential reduction if necessary. Follow your accredited professionals from A to Z by organizing their schedule, managing their accommodation, or even taking care of their onsite transportation's needs! Smooth...


Films & Contents features
Manage your films, submit them to your selection committee, prepare your programming, and keep an eye on your film copies' whereabouts. The heart of your event managed at the heart of FestiCiné.


Industry features
Discover FestiCiné's matchmaking tool that will revolutionize your One-to-One meetings' organization. It already received Karlovy Vary seal of approval!

Administration & Management features
YOU are the administrator of your FestiCiné, independent and free! Create your very own referencing system by using tags, switch from a festival edition to another to follow your event's history, manage your team's to-do lists... You are the Captain onboard.


Website features
FestiCiné being a fully connected tool, it also offers the possibility to export your film programming directly on your website powered by FestiCiné. No need to do twice the same task anymore. Try it - You'll like it! (That's what Séries Mania did).

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