Guest booking and attendance

FestiCiné's Ticketing allows your accredited guests and team members to rely on additional online services such as seat booking for any of your screenings or events inserted in your programme grid, badges' scanning, as well as a spot-on statistic follow-up of your guests' attendance throughout your event. 


Start by setting-up your screenings' templates!

Fill in your different types of accredited guests' audiences (VIP/Press/Professionals...), your maximum seats' capacities and floatings, and allocate a number of seats to each audience category created.

At the heart of your event

Follow live the state of reservation of your screenings to better anticipate your accredited guests' attendance.

Right before the screening scan their badges - each holding a unique barcode - thanks to FestiCiné's Barcode feature to install on connected smartphones or tablets!

Each scan will enrich your attendance's statistics of your guests!

After your event

Visualize your attendance's statistics per badge's holder, screening venue, et even by film!

My Festival

FestiCiné allows your accredited population to access their own online personal space within which they will be able to elaborate their festival schedule by navigating throughout your programmation by day, screening venue, and film category.

They will be able to book seats for your screenings, vote for their favorite films within your competitions... and much more!


FestiCiné rents the equipment your need

You do not plan to buy equipment?

FestiCiné rents scanning kits (1 smartphone + 1 hand held barcode reader) as well as badges' printers.

You wish to know more about this feature's pricing

Contact us to know more about our platform's options

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