Guest Management features

Discover the best of FestiCiné's Guest Management features, from inviting your guests to register online to proposing free or charged accreditations, managing your guests' transportation and accommodation details, and more!
Allocate accreditations to your contacts

Invite a guest to get an accreditation with a simple click: your guest will have the possibility to connect on an online private space in order to fill in their personal information and update them if necessary.


Manage your accredited attendees’ details

The individual profile of your accredited professionals will showcase their stay dates, any contents related to them, their transportation details, their voucher, their goodies, their invoices but also their schedule.

What is amazing with this feature is that all their information are connected and linked directly to your database.

You will be able to use the search engine to find all their information into FestiCiné.

Request for transportation

Set car pick-ups for your accredited professionals.
Any of your collaborator is able to send requests.
Manage drivers and their related schedules.
Manage vehicles and their maximum capacity. 


Validate Transportation Requests

Your Transportation Hub will then be able to process the request and validate it as an actual journey. They will thus be able to optimize cars' management by allocating several requests to a same vehicle. Transportations' information appear directly on the accredited professional's individual sheet.

Curious to know more about our Transportation feature? 

Check our blog entry regarding the module!  



Accommodation new

Manage your guests’ accommodation at a single glance by keeping an eye on your guests and +1 needs.

Enter your hosts’ information: the type of accommodation requested,
the dates of arrival and departure, the hosting capacity of each accomodation, and more.

FestiCiné will help you to find the perfect match between your guests’ needs and available accomodations.

Plus, everything is synchronized!

Non exhaustive listing of features. 

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