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One-to-One meetings

1 call for entry and Cinando plug-in included 

The One-to-One meetings module by FestiCiné is an unprecedented tool allowing your team to optimize the preparation of your industry event by setting out your One-to-One's schedules thanks to a clever matchmaking system.

Let your participants and project holders fill in their preferences and availabilities online according to your event’s opening and closing dates directly into your FestiCiné.

The platform will then take care of calculating the information and design matchmakings accordingly.
Plus, FestiCiné gives you the possibility to manually assign meetings if needs be, because your expertise is key and cannot be bypassed by a machine!

Our One-to-One meetings module will allow you to make THE difference with spot-on matchmakings.

Karlovy Vary Industry Days, Cannes Cinéfondation and Baltic Events in Tallinn already adopted it!


Cinando Plug-in

FestiCiné's online personal spaces destined to the online registration of your One-to-One's Meetings' participants are now plugged to Cinando in order to synchronize your accredited population's information from the infamous platform to your back-office in a blink of an eye!

Want to have more details about this new option? Contact us!


Set-up your industry event’s highlights.

You get to fill in the dates, schedules, the locations where your event will be set at, the durations of your professional encounters...

Simply configure and design your event from A to Z easily and pragmatically.

Your Attendees Fill-in Their Information for You

Once your event created and your attendees selected, invite them to login into their register (their online personal space) so they may fill-in information about their availabilities and communicate their wishes.

You also have the possibility to set-up ratings according to your own criteria of relevance in order to optimize the matchmaking calculations of the One-to-One meetings module!

Project Holders' Preferences 

It is now possible for project holders to choose the participants they take an interest in meeting, contrary to the participants they hold less interest in, directly from their online personal space. This information will be taken into account within FestiCiné's matchmaking calculation process in order to offer an ever more spot on result! 

Note that it is also possible for you, as organizers, to choose in place of your project holders from your FestiCiné Back-office.

Calculating & Adjusting

Let the matchmaking process begin! Our module will create meetings' schedules for all your attendees from the scoring and rating systems you previously set up, as well as the information your participants filled in.

The era of frustrating Excel spreadsheets is now over, you have the possibility to modify your attendees' meeting sessions according to your preferences in just a few clicks by comfortably visualizing the entirety of the projects’ listing and compatible slots of your event.

Restitution of the results

Et voilà! Each of your attendees can now access their schedules displayed in their online register! They will be able to download them, and/or synchronize their agenda on all devices available (computers, tablets and smartphones) as FestiCiné is compatible with both iOS and Android. Magic! :)

This matchmaking module will allow you to optimize your industry event from A to Z

In only 4 steps:

  • set-up your event,
  • let your attendees communicate their interests and availabilities,
  • launch the calculation process and adjust the results if necessary,
  • and finally communicate the plannings to your participants!

Your One-to-One meetings were never that easy to manage before ;)

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