FestiCiné developed its very own ticketing feature now enriching the already existing modules available to optimize your event's management! 


Commission free, and specifically designed for the use of film festivals, this last but not least feature may well be the tool you were searching for.

From setting-up your ticketing details to managing online payments and reservations of your screenings, and from barcodes scanning to statistics referencing, FestiCiné is here to assist you from end-to-end!


Start by setting-up your fees and preferential rates, as well as your screenings' templates!

Fill in your different types of audiences, your maximum seats' capacities and floatings, and allocate a number of seats to each audience category created.

This way, make sure to guarantee a seat to each of your spectator per screening!

At the heart of your event

Sell tickets and pass online or onsite thanks to FestiCiné's cash desk software and follow live the state of reservation of your screenings to better anticipate your audience's attendance.

Right before the screening, scan your tickets, pass and badges - each holding a unique barcode - thanks to FestiCiné's Barcode feature to install on connected smartphones or tablets!

Each scan will enrich your attendance's statistics!

After your event

Visualize your attendance's statistics per tickets' holder, screening venue, et even by film! Ideal to better understand your spectators' profile!

My Festival

FestiCiné allows your spectators to access their own online personal space within which they will be able to elaborate their festival schedule by navigating throughout your programmation by day, screening venue, and film category.

They will be able to book seats for your screenings - be they charged or not -, vote for their favorite films within your competitions, access their various orders and tickets... and much more!


FestiCiné rents the equipment your need

You do not plan to buy equipment?

FestiCiné rents scanning kits (1 smartphone + 1 hand held barcode reader) as well as badges' printers.

Your ticketing feature linked to your Paypal or bank account
FestiCiné's ticketing feature is connected to the account of your choice, and invoices issued state the name of your festival.

We also love to repeat ourselves: FestiCiné does not take commissions on your sold items!
You wish to know more about FestiCiné's ticketing feature's pricings

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