Moving your event to an online event

With the sanitary crisis and soon more and more people reluctant to travel, or just to get a broader audience, you may need to move your event partially or fully online. FestiCiné partnered with the best online solutions, and you can switch to them at any time in the process of organising your event.

Move your public programme on Festival Scope and Shift72

Enter your films to FestiCiné just like you do if you were assured to do your event normally. If at some point you understand that you have to go online, fully or partially, you just have to click on a simple button to transfer all your informations to the Festival Scope platform. Yes, as simple as that.

Define online event accreditations

Because FestiCiné makes it easy for you, you can define new professional accreditations in a few clicks at any time. Create quickly as many types of accreditations as needed, set up options and prices. FestiCiné will generate the website where participants can register and pay.

Schedule your One-to-One meetings, conferences, panels, etc. to Zoom meeting

Prepare all your one-to-one meetings with our powerful tool that allows project holders and participants to match and meet. 
Schedule all your events such as cocktails, conferences, masterclasses, panels, etc. and add your list of participants. 
Wether your events happens in real, totally online or if some can participate and other can't, move things to Zoom meetings with a SIMPLE CLICK.

Link your professional participants to your Cinando Video Library

 When your professional' participant get their accreditation, they can get access to the Cinando Video Library from their personal space. Because they registered through FestiCiné, they can safely and securly have access to all the content reserved for them.





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