FestiCiné is more than just a management tool.

It allows you to create & manage the entirety of your Internet website thanks to our website module.



Manage the structure and hierarchy of your website and create pages protected by identifiers, all of this directly from your FestiCiné account!

Manage the entirety of your website content and integrate your images, videos and other displays through the media library.

Work on your film selection and film programming only once before publishing it directly on your website once finalized.

Content management

Get to export your programming in just a few clicks to create your festival catalogue. Your programming needs to be modified? Do it directly on your FestiCiné and the information will be automatically updated on your website!

Your guest list can also be linked straight from your FestiCiné to your website and updated live.

A newcomer needs to be added to the programme? One of your guest cancelled? Once more, FestiCiné updates your information live on your website. No need to do twice the same task anymore.

Natural referencing (SEO) module

Optimize the visibility of your website thanks to our SEO tool. Assert for your website a privileged ranking within search engine results by referencing every single one of your web pages.

Optimize your pages for Facebook and Twitter!

Do You Like Our Website? 

All the better, it was entirely made up thanks to our Website module! 

Not Liking Our Website? 

Too bad, it is still entirely made up with our Website module. 

They made their website with our module




Non exhaustive listing of features

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