FestiCiné’s Ticketing

Ticketing feature

including FestiCiné's Standard version

FestiCiné's Standard version included
Management of tickets and pass' types and rates
Generation of accreditation badges
Generation of online personal spaces for your spectators to buy and book seats
Connection of the ticketing feature to a Paypal or bank account
Online films voting and elaboration of personalized programmes
Up to 5,000 barcodes' scans included
Ticketing software for your onsite ticket offices
Live generation of statistics

€1,500 / eDITION

Commission free

You plan to scan more than 5,000 tickets during your festival? 

No problem at all! FestiCiné adjusts its services to your needs and allows you to subscribe to 1,000 additional scans for only €100 / edition

You are intested in subscribing to the statistics follow-up feature alone?

You may subscribe to it as a standalone feature in addition to your annual FestiCiné's licence for the amount of €400 / edition

You already subscribed to FestiCiné's Pro or Tailer-Made versions?

Access the full functionalities of FestiCiné's ticketing feature for an additional price of 
€1,000 to your annual licence

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