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April 4, 2019

The best of Guest Management features by FestiCiné

Because FestiCiné was designed and developped by professionals from the film festival industry, the platform knows your job's stakes and regularly releases new features which keep enriching the range of services available to optimize your event’s management!

Take 6 minutes of your time to go through our video overview of  FestiCiné's Guest Management features and see for yourself how these fantastic tools may help you in your daily tasks, from inviting your guests to register online to proposing free or charged accreditations, managing your guests' transportation and accommodation details, and more!

Do not forget that these features are only part of what FestiCiné can actually do for you! Have a look at our website or ask for a demo to discover the full potential of the platform!

April 2, 2019

A warm welcome to the Film Fund Luxembourg and the Rencontres de Coproduction Francophone

We are more than happy to welcome the Film Fund Luxembourg among the growing community of FestiCiné users! 

Film Fund Luxembourg will be hosting the Rencontres de Coproduction Francophone in November 2019, a professional rendez-vous not to be missed! 


March 12, 2019

Focus on a Feature: FestiCiné RSVP mini-feature

Did you know that FestiCiné has a smart (and integrated!) RSVP mini-feature? Now you do!


FestiCiné is designed to ease your festival management process on many levels. 
The platform is full of options allowing you to better anticipate and deal with the entirety of your festival's life, from the early stage of your organization to the heart of your event. 
Let us have a look at one option in particular available in FestiCiné's Guest Management features: the RSVP mini feature!

With FestiCiné's Event Package, you get the possibility to not only create events and showcase them on your festival accredited schedule, you can also send RSVPs easily and intuitively directly from FestiCiné!

First, all you need to do is set-up your event's details! Type (cocktails, diners, conferences...), Name, Venue, Capacity...

Following this step, import groups of accredited attendees or individual attendees into your event's listing. 

Now is RSVP time! Set-up your emailing by defining who gets to receive the RSVP, if a +1 is accepted, and if you want to showcase a remark field (want to know how many vegans are coming over? Super easy: ask your guests through FestiCiné!)

Finally, let your guests answer by responding via emails or from their online personal space: FestiCiné's Register.


You can check live who is rsvp-ing and accepting, who is not! All of this while enjoying the time you spared thanks to FestiCiné by doing whatever makes you happy on the moment.


Of course, FestiCinés' RSVP feature also allows you to RSVP on behalf of your attendees if needs be, because it is that much of a well thought tool ;)

Want to know more about our Guest Management features? Follow the link!

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