Films & Contents features

Manage your films, rank them, rate them, select them.

Your selection committee has a direct access to the films' links
and will be able to add comments for each film viewed.

Once the film made it to your selection lists, its sheet may be used
in the Programming section of FestiCiné, ready to be advertised on your website.

Work on your festival programming

Set-up your screening locations, spectators' capacities, and number of screenings per screening spaces directly into your FestiCiné. Easily visualize your screening schedule either per screening locations, per day or per film.
Synchronize your festival program with your Internet website for live updates of your schedule to be displayed instantly.
Transfer your program's information to your technical teams to ensure a smoother logistical communication.
And last but not least, edit long or short film posters to be advertised within your screening locations thanks to FestiCiné!

Suggest film playlists to your selection committee

Your will be able to suggest film viewings to your committee members by setting up weekly playlists.
The films' list will appear in their own "Playlist" space. Your committee will be able to allocate ratings and remarks to each film.

Discover how to easily manage your film and contents thanks to FestiCiné!

Also Available

Film submission

A form allowing film beneficiaries to submit their film directly into your FestiCiné.

Input statistics

A barcode system linked to the accreditation passes, allowing you to collect accurate statistics on your screenings’ attendance.

Copy management
& copy trafficking

Follow-up of film copies, transportation management of film copies, KDM management, cost tracking...


Non exhaustive listing of features

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